Welcome to our "Menagerie".  Please feel free to get to know us by checking out our pages.  We have several kits, a few display pieces and an upcoming show page.  Thank you for visiting us today!  Take care, lkm.
This page was last updated on: November 19, 2015
We have six different styles of needles all painted different colors so you will not get them mixed up.
Come and browse our finished pieces page to see a few of the pieces that go to shows with us.
I have scribbled out two guides that I hope helps you to get inspired.  There are brief explanations of them here. 
We love to inspire you to start needle felting yourself as opposed to buying finished pieces.  Please have a look at our kits to see if we can tempt you to try also.  More kits will be added shortly.
Angelina is sooo much fun to play with!  We have most colors of the heat bondables to make wings, fish, and a lot of other things.  Let your imagination take over and have a great time. 
This page shows many of our Fairie friends.  Come and get to know them a little.  They are much harder to see out in the wild than they are here. 
People who have taken lessons, bought kits or just want their projects to be seen by others can send me their projects and I may post them.  We do want to keep this a family oriented page.  :)
These are the shows I do regularly.  I may be adding one or two in the future.  Please come to see us!
I'll show yours if you show mine.  I do retain the right to limit links for any reason. 
Questions, comments or just want to yap?  I'm better e-mailing than I am calling.  Do not hesitate to contact me. 
This is just waaayyy too exciting!  A while back I bought a commercial picker and have been having a LOT of fun picking fiber. ONLY because I have a good friend who has a mill do I know what the heck a picker is, so I will explain it by saying that it is a metal critter with BIG teeth, and lots of them that fluffs up the fiber after it is washed and dried.  It is the first step of blending and preparing the fiber for carding. Well, my poor tiny carder will not be able to keep up with the picker so I have been spinning the fiber right from that.  Please come see what this process yields. 
Never heard of Needle Felting?  Using a special needle with nasty barbs, we take fiber that has been meticulously washed, picked and carded and turn them into incredible, fun or even serious shapes.  I pride my pieces on being firm.  We do this by poking the fiber into the form we want.

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