Picked Fiber and Handspun Yarns
I am rarely this excited about... well... just about anything.  But this has got to be one of the most fun things I have done in a long time.  I bought a McDermot picker this summer, and after a lot of travel and a few headaches, we got "Mac" home and operating.  Here are a few examples of what Mac has done for me and I hope you also.  The picked fiber is for sale and, once the fiber is sold, I will be able to sell the samples.  Unless I play with them myself.  :)
This is one of my first yarns using picked fiber only.  It has several different kinds of wool, the red in it is silk thrumbs.  It is soft and, best of all FUN! 
Lime and Peach Cool Ade:  No, this is not dyed with Kool Aid.  To me, that is what it looks like, though.  Don't ask what the black in there is supposed to be.  Perhaps ice cubes formed in a black hole.  Or, perhaps not.  Any ideas? 
This is a llama and wool blend.  It is difficult to see, but it has teal in it.  The llama is over dyed giving it a beautiful jewel tone. 
For grins and giggles I decided I NEEDED to see what this fiber would look like if it was carded.  So, the sample on the left is picked and carded.  The FUN sample on the right is spun from just picked fiber.  This is mostly Cheviot plied with a silver lurex thread. 
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The picked fiber on these pages cost $2.25 per ounce.  Check with me to see if I have a pound and the per pound price.