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This is my Tree Topper Angel, Heavana.  She is very diligent about looking after all the Woodland Fairies that inhabit her tree.  She is not brought out only at Christmas, but keeps a close eye on her group all year long.  We have a kit for making more like her, but if you cannot wait, Heavana sells for $65.00.  Her wings, dress and halo are made from Heat Bondable Angelina

Please e-mail me for information about the kit.

Heavana stands about 11" tall
The view of Heavana to the left is all natural lighting with no Christmas lights or flash from the camera.  Even in this ambient light you can see how the Angelina reflects light brilliantly.
Click here to add your text.Currently, I have all the colors (except Mother of Pearl) of Heat Bondable Angelina.  They include three whites with different colored highlights and include Crystal Amethyst (white with purple highlights used on Heavanas wings and halo), Crystal Green Lightening (white with Emerald green highlights) and Crystal Aurora Borealis (white with blues and greens).

The colors I have are described and pictured on the Textura website.

Their website is:   http://www.texturatrading.com/angelina.html

I have sample packets available for $1.50 plus shipping and a small amount for handling.  Since I have no certified scales, I do not measure the amount I have in each pack, although my guess is that  you should get one wing from one pack that would fit a Fairie or an Angel that stands about 7-12 inches tall depending how thick you make the wings.
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